Your Guide To Tracing Paper!

During your art class, you might have used tracing paper in your primary school. Or, if you don’t know anything about this paper, no worries! We are here for you. In this article, we will briefly explain everything about tracing paper. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

Tracing paper:

It is a type of paper that is made to have low opacity, allowing light to pass through it. Tracing paper was made initially for design engineers and architects to create drawings that could be copied accurately. Tracing paper comes in various sizes, including A1, A2, and so on. Also, it is available in various weights, including 63gsm, 90, and 112gsm, etc.

Tracing paper is a semi-transparent paper that you use to trace an image or drawing. In primary schools, all children are taught that tracing paper is used for taking a trace of drawing. But this is not always true. Professionals also use it for various purposes.

It is formed by interweaving fine plant fibers through free pulping. No sizing, no fillers, papermaking in a wet state, soaking in 72% sulfuric acid for 2-3 seconds, washing with water, treating with glycerin, and then drying. A complex film substance is obtained. The tracing paper is solid, dense, and transparent, adding a subtle sense of mystery to the product.

Another method that can be used in manufacturing tracing paper is by making an ordinary sheet of paper and then filling the spaces between the fibers with a material that has the same refractive index as cellulose. Manufacturing tracing paper through this method was common in the United States of  America. This method was quiet because of the high manufacturing costs.

In tracing paper, transparency can be achieved by carefully selecting the raw material and the procedure used to establish transparency. Cellulose plays an essential role in forming the base of the paper.

Furthermore, besides tracing, this type of paper is suitable for lining all kinds of food packaging boxes, including moon cake boxes, biscuit boxes, tea boxes, etc.

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