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Virgin paper is a high-quality, non-recyclable paper from cotton or wood pulp. Virgin pulp and wood pulp are basically the same. Virgin pulp simply implies that the pulp is being prepared for use in paper production. It can either be mechanically or chemically processed in order to separate the cellulose fibers during manufacture.

All Win is a leading manufacturer of color papers. They produce a variety of virgin color papers. They make cardstock virgin color paper and special papers named Cao Xiang, inheritance and leadership from raw wood pulp and they create fluff and rain paper from derivatives products.

Cardstock Virgin color paper

Papermaking of raw wood pulp adopts the double-wire manufacturing process and lightfast pigments and has outstanding folding resistance, hardness, and color-high stability. It can be folded more than a hundred times without bursting respectively. It weighs 120/258/300/350/400GSM. Its measurements vary from 787mm to 1092mm. Custom designs are available. It comes in rolls and is offered in 30 various colors.

Special papers

All Win produces special papers from Virgin papers, which are briefly described below.


This paper is flexible and its colors are pure. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as the cover of printed publications, title pages, clothing tags, brochures, book bindings, gift boxes, etc. It gives people a unique and elegant feeling. Its texture is similar to the texture of grass and trees. It has a greater sense of simplicity and connection to nature. It can be used to simulate premium packaging boxes. The color cards of caoXiang can be customized and are also shown on the All Win website.

Inheritance and leadership

It is the second special paper made from virgin paper. It is used for wrapping. It is crafted by using traditional and advanced special craftsmanship. The front and back textures of the paper are more compact while still maintaining the perfect thickness and hardness. It enhances the paper’s aesthetic beauty and raises its cultural significance. This wrapping paper comes in over 80 different colors. The paper’s toughness and folding resistance are higher than ordinary wrapping paper. One can customize colors of inheritance and leadership.

The derivative products of virgin paper are rain and fluff paper.

Their features are:

  • They are higher quality wrapping papers.
  • The characteristics of these papers are they have high densities and are way tougher than normal wrapping paper.
  • The color and texture of these papers are natural and harmonious.
  • The folding resistance of fluff and rain paper is higher than the CaoXiang and inheritance and leadership papers.
  • Its special surface adds texture to paper.

Why choose us?

Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience. We focus on the R & D and innovation of special pattern paper requirements such as gift packaging and printing. We accept customized product customization to meet the individual needs of customers. We have a professional design team. We have a strong professional team that is not only efficient but also committed to providing customers with better service.

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