Know Everything About Pearl Metallic Paper

What is Pearl Metallic Paper?

The Pearl Metallic Paper is a unique, subtle shimmer paper. Pearl paper, commonly known as “ice white paper”, has single-sided and double-sided points, and has a noble and elegant visual experience. Metallic, pearlescent, and shimmer paper are three common terms for pearl paper. Pearl is a glossy paper with a wide color range, sharper text quality, and a recognizable pearl-like look.

All Win is a leading manufacturer of color papers. We produce a variety of Pearl Metallic papers. Our Pearl paper has a weight of 120/250GSM.  This paper is 787*1092mm and comes in a 787mm roll.  We provide a variety of colors for our pearl paper, including Super White, Bright Red, Orange-Yellow, Beige Gold, Flash Gold, Flash Silver, and Pink. The paper’s design can be customized.


The raw wood pulp colored paper is the base paper, and it is made with a mica-infused,

high-quality crafting pearlescent coating is added which gives the paper a shimmery, iridescent coating. It is composed of tiny pearl fibers that give the paper a sparkling appearance in the light. The pearlescent coating can show the unique effect of pearlescent metallic sparkle with the observation of different angles. It is easy to cut.

One of Our recommended colors is Glitter Paper which is a White card glitter color system that is manufactured with exquisite workmanship, its shining color gives off a dazzling sense, and it will display various shades of color depending on the angle at which it is seen. It is quite bright and has a clear mirror image. It has a Pearlescent uniform hexagonal shape. It has a consistent hue and is resistant to acids and alkalis. The sparkling pearl won’t fall on hands or equipment, and its color is difficult to fade.

Why Choose Our Pearl Paper?

Features of Glitter paper

  • The surface of our glitter paper is smooth and has a certain thickness.
  • It can be recycled and smashed to make it again to reduce the waste of resources.
  • Patterns and text printed on pearlescent paper can be preserved forever.
  • Glitter wrapping paper is easy to cut.
  • It is used for high-end picture albums, book packaging, gift packaging, banquet decoration, greeting cards, tag making, and other scenes.


Pearl paper is designed to meet the broadening range of commercial

needs. The glitter paper is suitable for a variety of applications, such as centerpieces, gift wrapping, cupcake toppers, belly bands, Christmas decorations, and invitations.

Why choose us?

Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience. We focus on the R & D and innovation of special pattern paper requirements such as gift packaging and printing. We accept customized product customization to meet the individual needs of customers. We have a professional design team. We have a strong professional team that is not only efficient but also committed to providing customers with better service. We deal with tracing, absorbent, embossed, pearl, virgin color, and other types of paper at wholesale costs. Visit our official website to get a quote on your required paper.

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