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Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd. is committed to two major professional fields: it has been operating in the field of specialty paper for more than ten years, focusing on R&D and innovation of gift packaging, printing and other special pattern paper needs.

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R&D and Innovation

Equipment strength

Quality and quantity assurance

Our advantage

Why Choose Us?

Stable quality and sufficient stock

Our nearly 20 years of processing experience can ensure that our products are of high quality.

Strong production capacity

The processing capacity of office paper and commercial paper is 1000 tons/month, and the processing capacity of special paper is 2000 tons/month.

Product customization

Accept customized product customization.

Efficient team quality service

The team is not only young and professional, but also efficient, committed to providing customers with better service.

about us

Equipment strength

It has a complete set of equipment for pulping, papermaking, power generation, steam supply, and water supply, as well as an advanced and complete electromechanical maintenance, equipment manufacturing, installation, measurement and product quality inspection team.

The company has sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and complete technical support.

With a number of advanced equipment, Heidelberg
Lead foreign three-color and four-color printing production lines
9 paper cutters, 4 computer paper machines, 2 packaging machines

Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd.

We will do our best to provide more perfect products and better services to new and old customers at home and abroad.

Company Purpose
Seeking benefits by management, survival by quality, development by reputation, and market ,by service
Business Concept
Good quality, fast delivery, and perfect after-sales service
Work Orientation
Customer's Demand is the goal of our efforts
Main product

Business Scope

The main products are: colored paper, colored patterned paper, pearl paper, absorbent paper, tracing paper and other products.

For some customers to undertake notebooks, Spring Festival red envelopes, paper bags, gift boxes and other post-press processing.