What are the special papers?

What are the special papers? Nowadays, special paper is widely used, and many designers use different textures of special paper to design different effects.

1: Vegetable parchment paper (sulfuric acid paper) is a kind of denatured processed paper that changes the original properties of thick paper made of plant fibers after being treated with sulfuric acid. Because it is translucent paper, sulfuric acid paper is often used as a ring lining or lining paper for books in modern designs, and sometimes it is also used as the title page of books or picture albums. Gold, silver or graphics are printed on sulfuric acid paper, which is unique and is generally used for high-end picture albums.

2: Synthetic paper (polymer paper and plastic paper) is made of synthetic resin (such as PP, PE, PS, etc.) as the main raw material. After a certain process, the resin is melted, extruded and stretched into a film, and then processed into paper. , a material obtained by giving it the whiteness, opacity and printability of natural plant fibers.

3: Embossed paper: First, after the paper is produced, the pattern is added mechanically to become embossed paper; the second is the flat sheet of base paper after drying, it is put into the embossing machine for further processing, and then is pressed by two rollers. One of the rollers is engraved with an embossed pattern, which is embossed as the paper passes over it. Many papers used for flexible packaging are often embossed before or after printing to improve the visual effect of packaging and decoration and improve the value of goods. Therefore, embossing has become an important method of paper processing.

4: Patterned paper, designers and printers are constantly looking for ingenious design styles to make their works stand out. Many times pattern paper is the icing on the cake. This kind of high-quality paper is soft to the touch, beautiful in appearance, and the finished product is more noble and pleasing to the eye. There are many varieties of patterned paper, each with its own characteristics, which is higher than ordinary paper.

5. Pearl paper, which is attached to the surface of the paper with pearlescent coatings of different luster, used to make different greeting cards and the surface of the packaging bag, so that the product has a metallic luster, and it can sparkle under the light to improve the value of the product.

The regular size of all special packaging paper is 787*1092 or 889*1194mm, and can also be turned into 787 and 889mm rolls, gram weight 120g to 400gsm, and customized

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