Coated Paper

Coated paper is also known as coated art printing paper. It is a copperplate base paper coated with white paint made of advanced printing paper. Coated paper is a kind of coating processing paper for copperplate printing.

The paper is uniform and compact, with high brightness (over 85%), smooth paper surface, high gloss, good dimensional stability, high tensile strength and surface strength. Due to the coated surface is covered by coating layer, and super calender, so the compression performance of coated paper is poorer, low absorbency, should be paid attention to in the production of printing ink supply and printing pressure control, and focus on the reference of the coated paper roughness index, general high gloss of coated paper roughness in 0.8 mu m, lower roughness value, said the paper surface is flat and level.

C1S C2S Art Paper/Board

There are single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, matte coated paper, embossed coated paper. Low-quantity coated paper is mostly web paper, 787mm or 889mm in width, there are also flat paper, mainly used for printing journals. High quantity coated paper is flat paper, the size of 787mm×1092mm, 889mm×1194mm, 635mm× 965mm, 880mm×1230mm, mainly used for printing cover and album.

Coated paper is divided into weight coating (each side coating amount ≥20g/m²) and medium coating (<10g/m² each side coating amount ~ <20g/m²); According to the coating specifications of the cloth is divided into single-sided coating and double-sided coating; According to the appearance characteristics, it is divided into light type and sub-light type. By the quality is divided into excellent product, first class product and qualified product 3 grades.

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