Color Crepe Paper

Crepe paper refers to a kind of processed paper with wrinkles on the paper surface. The tissue paper with soft paper quality and good water absorption is used as the base paper.

Decorative crepe paper, such as various colored crepe paper, is used for holiday decoration and paper flowers, and tissue paper is used as the base paper. Usually, the wet (or incompletely dried) base paper is shoveled out with a scraper on the drying cylinder, or the wrinkles are mechanically pressed out, and then dried.



One of the characteristics of crepe paper is that they are composed of soft and stretchy textured paper, which can resist scratches and damage due to its thick strength, so it is often used as a protectant between products, which can easily shape them to hug The shape of crepe paper for anything, the structure is flexible, and it is faster and more convenient to combine with packaging products.


We continuously produce crepe paper in various sizes for many different fields.

Crepe Paper Application

Suitable for many scenarios.

Paper Flower Crafts
Floral Craft
Floral Wrapping
Gift Wrapping Paper
Children DIY
Party And Wedding Decoration

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