Specialty paper

Specialty paper is a paper with a special purpose and a relatively small output. There are many kinds of special paper, which is the general name of various special-purpose paper or art paper. Special paper is paper with special functions made of different fibers by paper machine, such as using synthetic fibers alone, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp. And other raw materials, with different materials for modification or processing, endow the paper with different functions and uses.
The packaging art paper we operate is a type of special paper, mainly divided into: colored paper, retro paper, pearl paper, embossed paper.

We use virgin wood pulp and dyes to make color paper as the base, which is the original wrapping paper, the color can be customized according to the Pantone color card, up to 120 colors, and then on the basis of the color paper for secondary processing, embossing , thus forming the embossed paper.
In addition, you can apply pearl powder coating on the colored paper to form pearl paper, and you can also apply glitter powder to get glitter paper.

This kind of special paper is based on colored paper, which is processed by secondary or higher technology to form new paper. The roll can be cut into 787*1092mm and 889*1194mm flat sheets.
This kind of special paper is mainly used for packaging gift boxes and paper bags, especially pearl paper and embossed paper, which can provide a beautiful appearance and texture for the carton, and can also be used for book covers and art labels. If interested, please contact us.

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