Pearl Metal Paper

The raw wood pulp colored paper is the base paper, made from high-quality crafting and the high-quality pearlescent coating is added, which can show the unique effect of pearlescent metallic sparkle with the observation of different angles,it is easy to cut.

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Glitter Paper

White card glitter color system, made with special craftsmanship, the shiny color gives a dazzling feeling, and it will show different color vision from different angles.

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Why Choose Our Pearl Paper

Pearl paper, commonly known as “ice white paper”, has single-sided and double-sided points, and has a noble and elegant visual experience.


Glitter paper is suitable for a variety of scenarios

Party Invitations

Cupcake Toppers

Belly Bands

Christmas Decorations

Gift Wrapping


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Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd. is committed to two major professional fields: it has been operating in the field of specialty paper for more than ten years, focusing on R&D and innovation of gift packaging, printing and other special pattern paper needs.

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