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Pearl paper is a type of coated paper, which is commonly known as “ice white paper”. Its surface is smooth, can be written on easily, and has a glossy feel. It’s very popular in the printing industry because it does not have any optical brighteners.

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Pearl Paper:

In the market, there are numerous coated papers, and they are mainly used for packaging and wrapping. They are also called “shiny white”, “diamond white”, and so on.

The main raw material of pearl paper is kraft paper. Coated paper can be divided into two types: single-sided coating and double-sided coating.

Pearl paper is perfect for single-sided and double-sided printing, with a soft, elegant appearance.

Pearl paper is mainly used for high-quality printing. This type of paper can be produced to order according to customer specifications.

Because of its abrasion resistance, durability, and glossiness, it’s often used for packaging electronics and other precision products.

Our coated paper is one of the most popular coated papers in the world. It has a bright white color and a high gloss finish.

This type of paper is made from wood pulp that has been bleached with a chemical process. Pressure and heat are used to form the sheet prior to the application of the coating.

A coating is applied to create a glossy surface that is resistant to inks and toner. The coating used for pearl paper can be either polyester or polyolefin based. The polyolefin-based coatings are more resistant to toners than those made from polyester.

The most common uses of pearl paper are printing brochures, stationery, magazines, newspapers and books.

Our pearl paper are produced in rolls that 787mm wide. Fee free to contact us or browse our website to know more about products and services.

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