Cardstock Virgin color paper

Papermaking of raw wood pulp, adopts the double-wire manufacturing process and lightfast pigments,and has outstanding folding resistance,hardness and color high stability ,can be folded for more than a hundred times without bursting respectively. 

Special Paper


The paper is flexible and the color is pure. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as the cover of printed publications, title pages, clothing tags, brochures, book bindings, gift boxes, etc., giving people a unique and elegant feeling. 

Special Paper

Inheritance and leadership

Using traditional and advanced special craftsmanship, the front and back textures of the paper are more compact, fully retaining the ideal thickness and hardness, and at the same time making the paper more beautiful in appearance and higher in cultural connotation.

Derivatives Product

Fluff and Rain

  • Higher quality wrapping paper
  • Special surface adds texture to paper
  •  It is not easy to fade and fully guarantees the excellent quality of the paper
  • High density and toughness
  • Natural and harmonious color and texture
  • The folding resistance is higher than the previous two papers
Special Paper

New Style Color Paper

Fluff paper is a specialty paper used in various paper crafts. Soft, low light reflectivity and rich velvety appearance give it a different visual character than traditional craft paper

Special Paper

Rain Paper

Rain paper has a special matte surface feel, which not only retains the original characteristics, but also adds a unique surface texture, and is more wrinkle-resistant and fold-resistant, which gives it a different vision from traditional craft paper.

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Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd. is committed to two major professional fields: it has been operating in the field of specialty paper for more than ten years, focusing on R&D and innovation of gift packaging, printing and other special pattern paper needs.

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With a number of advanced equipment, Heidelberg, Germany, four-boot, UV machine

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With a number of advanced equipment,improve production quality and production efficiency.

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The team is not only young and professional, but also efficient, committed to providing customers with better service.

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More than ten or twenty years can ensure that our products are of high quality.

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The quality of raw materials is stable, the inventory is sufficient

Company adheres to the principle of “seeking benefits through management, The tenet of “survive by quality, development by reputation, and market by service”, with the business philosophy of “excellent quality, fast delivery, perfect after-sales service”, “customer demand is our “customer-oriented” goal .We will wholeheartedly provide more perfect products and better service for new and old customers at home and abroad.

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