Security paper and Printing


Cotton and other chemical wood pulp

Detailed Material

Printing paper


A4 or custom size


According to the weight


Range from 28gsm to 250gsm


Off-white,pink,yellow and custom color, Customize the pattern.

Anti-counterfeiting features

Watermark, security thread, invisible UV, micro text, intaglio printing, embossing, thermo-chromic ink, hologram hot stamping foil, rainbow printing. IR, etc .


Eco-friendly, endurable, waterproof, anti-counterfeit, heatproof, etc to your  order.

Payment terms

T/T, Western Union ,Paypal,MoneyGram

Package details

Roll /Sheet,Standard fluting box packing, shrink wrapping, pallet

Delivery method

By ship or air

Delivery date

7-15 days

Watermark paper Technical features

Black watermark: under natural light, the part with the graphic pattern watermark is thicker and darker than the rest parts.
White watermark: under natural light, the part with the graphic pattern watermark is thinner and lighter than the rest parts.
Fixed watermark: the watermark is located at a fixed position of the paper.
Full size watermark: the watermark is located across the full paper.
Verification method :
You can find a clear watermark in the paper when putting it in front of light 

Security thread paper Technical features

Security thread paper is manufactured by putting a metal wire or plastic wire in the paper during the papermaking process .It can be divided into fully embedded security thread paper and window thread paper according to the manner of burying the safety siding. We also can add information on the thread such as the company name or product name and the color of the thread is different according to clients’ requirement.


It is mainly used in the government offices, certificates, lottery, bills , real estate contract, education department, famous brand food and clothing, medicine, cosmetics, tobacco, tea, wine, publishing industry, and so on. The security features with high-anti-counterfeiting, safety and strong confidentiality. Even advanced technology and reliable equipment can not copy it.
It may be used in combination with other special paper making technologies (such as security thread paper, fiber paper, etc.) as required to produce specified special paper.


Prices depend on the product details, please kindly provide detailed information, such as material, thickness, size, printing color, qty and other requirements.

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