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Whether you are a student, teacher, an employee in an office, a businessman, or you do any sort of job, you need some unique type of paper around yourself. Various types of paper are used for various purposes. You cannot utilize wrapping paper for visiting cards. Similarly, you cannot use absorbent paper for wrapping gift items. You can contact us if you want to buy any paper from a professional company.

Guangzhou All Win Paper Co., Ltd manufactures the following types of papers that are exported to customers around the world.

  • Pearl paper
  • Absorbent paper
  • Virgin color paper
  • Touch paper
  • Color crepe paper
  • Tracing paper
  • Embossed paper, and more.

Among the variety of papers, our signature and the top-selling product is pearl paper. Interested to know more about pearl paper? Continue reading…

Pearl Paper:

You might have seen Pearl paper, aka glitter paper, ice white paper, once in your life. It is a type of paper that is made up of small pearl fibers that provide a unique, subtle shimmer and are easy to cut. Pearl paper is a great way in order to make your printed designs shine in the light.

When most people think of pearl paper, they think of anniversary invitations, luxurious invitations, etc. And while the paper does work great for those types of events, the pearl paper offers a unique versatility unlike any other. Use this sort of paper for club flyers, the promotion of tattoos, the announcement of concerts, or anything you want to make people stop and pay attention to. The pearl paper will surely get noticed!

The raw wood pulp colored paper to act as the base paper, made from rich-quality crafting and pearlescent coating, is added, which can show the unique effect of pearlescent metallic sparkly with the observation of various angles.

Such papers are smooth, elegant, durable, dazzling, and easy to cut. One of the greatest perks of buying pearl paper is that you can easily recycle it and smash it to make it again to reduce the waste of resources. The patterns and text printed on the paper can be preserved forever.

Why buy pearl paper from us?

We are a leading manufacturer of various types of papers. The pearl paper manufactured at our company is not easy to fade, and shiny pearls will not fall into the hands of equipment. You can visit our official website to get a quote on pearl or other types of paper.

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